Natural Therapies + Latest Technology, This is Our Formula

A legal platform, without stigma and adapted to the needs of our users...

Our Seeds

Combinamos terapias naturales con la última tecnología. We believe in synergies across the value chain; from producers to consumers, collaborating with medical professionals, pharmacists and researchers. Each of these actors, together with the cutting-edge technology we offer, are essential to continue advancing in all areas: research, access, product traceability and product availability.

With the growing regulatory tide of medical, recreational and industrial cannabis in many countries around the world, we see an opportunity to help normalize the use of the plant and help millions of consumers benefit from its many properties. Cannasseur Guide was born from the ambition to enjoy cannabis legally, without stigma, with a coherent and personalized experience adapted to the needs of each consumer, not only on a functional level but also on an emotional and aesthetic level.

Ethical Data Treatment

The platform model is based on ethical data exploitation, i.e. the user will be able to decide whether they want to share their sessions and results. In case they are willing to share their statistics, both themselves and the other members of the Cannasseur Guide community will benefit.

Thanks to this data, both medical professionals and producers can see the results thus improve products and treatments, while consumers will see an improvement in their experience thanks to a set of synergies preceded by the sharing of their results.

This information is one of the main pillars of Cannasseur Guide, which is why it invests heavily in the most advanced technologies to provide maximum transparency and reliability. Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain and Smart Contracts guarantee the future of Cannasseur Guide as the world's largest cannabis research panel.

Well-Being Focused

Cannasseur Guide is a holistic wellness platform. It provides all the necessary tools for an optimal and personalized focused experience on well-being.

At Cannasseur Guide we work with empathy. We understand the problems that Cannabis users have and we provide technological solutions so that they can enjoy a conscious consumption focused on improving their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Tailored to Your Needs

Cannasseur Guide allows for a detailed follow-up guided by medical specialists in order to learn and improve cannabis consumption and to identify which products, forms of administration and strains of the crop are re the most beneficial for each consumer's needs.

Each of the actors involved in the process plays an essential role in Cannasseur Guide. Medical professionals and researchers contribute with their knowledge, which is enriched by the user's experience. The result is a virtuous circle in which all stakeholders find the solution they need.