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The first professional platform that allows an optimized follow-up for users and patients. Cannasseur Guide provides the guidance of medical experts in the use of cannabis to achieve holistic wellbeing.

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Find the treatment you need for your health issue with the help of medical professionals. Access the app and ask a doctor if medical cannabis is right for you, no matter what symptoms or disease you suffer from.

Pain relief
Mental health
Autoimmune diseases
Reduction of adverse side effects
Nausea relief
Eating disorders
Digestive problems
Sleep disorders
Neurobehavioral and neurological disorders
And more...
Cannasseur Guide App

Technology and design work together to offer a legendary experience

An experience focused on well-being. Cannasseur Guide brings together experts, producers, people seeking responsible consumption and medicinal patients. Our aim is to break the stigma attached to the plant and show and show not only the beneficial, but also the harmful effects.

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Monitoring, Learning and Improving Consumption

The Cannaseur Guide APP allows you to understand all the benefits and harmful effects of Cannabis. Thanks to the recording and analysis of the sessions supported by professionals, you will be able to identify your body's response to the different active substances. Cannasser Guide helps you to make optimal decisions in favour of your well-being.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Professionals

An APP to Manage Everything

Thanks to cutting-edge telemedicine tools you can easily contact all your patients wherever they are. Keep their diagnosis up to date and improve their experience from anywhere. Cannaseur Guide connects you with medical patients and people looking to improve their experience through responsible consumption.


A New Distribution Channel

Create a secure distribution channel aimed at people's well-being. Cannasseur Guide allows you to create synergies with different actors: medical professionals, pharmacists and laboratories.

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