Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean that the App is a Beta version?

With the beta concept we mean that the application is under development, in the testing and improvement phase, before its final release. If you give us your feedback at this stage of development, you will be contributing to the creation of a very useful tool for the community.

What is the Cannasseur Guide App for?

- Monitor your treatment with Cannabis.
- Be able to identify how each strain affects you.
- Be aware of the objective of your sessions.- Keep track

How do I create a shortcut to the app on my desktop?

It is very simple. When you open the application from your phone, the following message will appear. Press the icon that appears in the message, select "Add to home screen" and that's it.

The Cannasseur Guide app logo will appear on the screen of your mobile device. So that you can access quickly every time you upload your new session.

What functionalities does the beta version of the Cannasseur Guide app have?

In the current development phase of the application, you can perform the following functions:
- Upload your sessions detailing: the objective of the session, the degree of the symptoms to be treated (if any), the product to consume, method of consumption, upload a photo and give the session a name.
- Monitor and analyze your sessions: days you have consumed, the most common products and methods...
- Access articles of interest, as well as consumption guides and improvement of the experience.
- Weekly tips to improve the experience.

How do I enter a session?

To enter the data of a new session, follow these steps:
1- Click on the central button below everything
2- In the new screen, click on “Start New Session”.
3- In step 01 , answer the questions about what symptom you will treat in the session, what is the degree of your symptom, if you take any medication...
4- In step 02, answer the questions related to the type of product, the method of consumption, dose...
5 - In step 03, personalize your session with a name and a photo, to be able to retrieve it easily.
6- Finally, the screen with the summary of your session will be displayed. Clarification: only questions in which the text “ required”, the others would not need to be answered, although the more information you give about the session, the higher quality the analysis and follow-up will have.

How do I login?

To log in, follow the steps:
1- Enter your email on the home screen.
2- Accept the privacy policy.
3- You will receive an email with a code. “Your pin for Cannasseur Guide is….”
4- Copy the digit numerical code in the Cannasseur Guide application.
5- Select Login.
6- Enjoy the app :)